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  1. TofuRobot

    Substitute for milk

    For what? As a beverage? An oatmeal topper? To bake/cook with? You need to be more specific. Cow milk hasn't been a beverage for me in almost 30 years. It's so gross 🤮 ... Back then there was soy and rice milk for cereal n stuff. Now there's like a million plant miles to choose from. Which one...
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    If I had a million dollars....

    I forgot to mention paying off the mortgage and student loans (I think). And if I had a million dollars, I think I'd go back to school to complete my degree. I have a gajilllion units in a couple of different majors, but had to drop out for financial reasons and it's always bugged me that I...
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    New Vegan

    I hereby give @Emma JC permission to speak for all of us in saying we look forward to your updates. I'm feelin' the love, @Emma JC 😍💚 (I have decided this is my most favorite forum/group I've ever been part of since 2001-2002. [Back then I was part of a really big knitting community and I had...
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    New Vegan

    Hello and Welcome! Some people here will say that the 'detox' effect is BS, but I don't believe it is. Your gut has a certain flora which adjusts to any change in diet, and if you change your diet drastically, you may feel the effects of that. Some vegans feel this change over 3-4 weeks, while...
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    What about a 4 ft 8 inch vegan who's menopaused & doesn't work out?

    I am the same way. I used to eat tons of pasta, but now I look at it as basically a mostly nutrient deficient food (unless, I supposed, you are getting the whole wheat kind). When I make pasta at home, I'll make a big bowl of pasta for my son & top it with veggies & sauce, whereas my bowl is a...
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    What about a 4 ft 8 inch vegan who's menopaused & doesn't work out?

    Hello and Welcome! First - I want to congratulate you and give you a huge hug for being strong enough to recover, and kudos to the people who cared for you and respected your dietary choices and worked with you instead of against you. That doesn't always happen. I am not as short as you - but...
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    Everyday struggle-People laughing/being angry with you by being vegan

    I don't remember a single time I mocked a vegan. Perhaps it was because I had a cousin (who was more like an uncle) who was vegetarian/vegan (I really don't remember) that I didn't see except for during Xmas when I was a kid. I always thought he was really cool - kind of a hippie from the 60s...
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    Everyday struggle-People laughing/being angry with you by being vegan

    Wow. I mean just wow! it's time for you to stand up and say This is not ok. You This is my choice, it has nothing to do with any of you, and I deserve human respect, the same as any of you all. period! Throw in a comment about how your doctor is ordering this for you if it helps. just put your...
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    20 Question School Project!

    You might be a legit person, but here's a tip: You're probably not going to get a lot of responses if you post a link on a forum in which you have had zero interaction with. I know I have no idea who you are and I'm not going to click on a link posted by a random new person, especially one that...
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    Does veganism make you compassionate towards other people?

    I think it's important to point out the a change in one's attitude or perspective or perception is not the same as a change in personality. I grabbed this from Wikipedia: Personality is the characteristic set of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and...
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    Standard for me lately: Steel cut style oats with frozen blueberries, chopped almonds, walnuts, & dates, flax meal, 1 banana, + soymilk and a really tiny drizzle of maple syrup. Heated up after mixing in the microwave for 30 secs. I did NOT have NuttZo on toast.... But I did dip some dried...
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    NuttZo Organic Crunchy 7 Nut And Seed Butter

    @Lou - You have been warned ;) Edit - I believe the one I got is the first one - The Organic Crunchy Power Fuel.
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    NuttZo Organic Crunchy 7 Nut And Seed Butter

    Has anyone tried this stuff? I picked up a jar of this at Coscto - mainly for my son as he's trying to put on a couple pounds. I tried some and it's frighteningly good. Like evil good. I am making him take it to his dad's, LOL. I am not really a huge fan of nut butters - I like some of them...
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    Vegananuary survey: What food do you want to be veganized?

    The funny thing is, I never was a huge fan of chocolate. I would pick up a Snickers bar maybe once a year. My junk food addiction was sugar. Just the pure sugar stuff - Sweet Tarts, Jolly Ranchers, Red Vines. I was just talking with my son last night how since I quit that stuff, I no longer...
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    First few days of being a Vegan

    Are you eating a lot of fake meats and other processed vegan food? I'm thinking high sodium content might be a factor... ?
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    Vegananuary survey: What food do you want to be veganized?

    l honestly cant think of anything, though I do find myself summertime's looking at all the chocolate choices in the checkout aisle and feel a tad sad that none of them are vegan (or that they recently just shrunk the Bark Thins package whilst keeping the same high price). @Mischeif - Have your...
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    Transitioning from vegetarian to Vegan

    Very short answer to 2 of your questions: 1. Scrambled tofu & spinach, & 2. No - you can not trust restaurants. The simplest thing you can do is minimize the amount of pre-packaged food you buy. Stick to shopping in the produce department. You know what you're getting, it's all vegan, and...
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    Transition from meat eater to vegan

    Hello & welcome! ... My 2 cents - Depending on how drastic the switch in your diet is (are you eating strictly WFPB coming from a junk food carnivore?), there's a possibility that you are experiencing detox symptoms. It can take 2-3 weeks or so to fully adjust to a drastic change in diet. But I...
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    Livekindly News this week

    Woke up at 3AM, this popped up in my news feed and came here to post it just to say that. Well spoken, Russell B.
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    New items at Trader Joe's

    At little bit off-topic, but I've recently switched back to good ol' soy milk (unsweetened) from my standard almond milk. Since I've found myself making oatmeal a lot more lately, and I mostly use it for that, it seems like adding soy milk is a better idea than to add more oats (in milk form) to...