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  1. bratvada

    How can I find a vegan gf?

    I just want to go dating. I live in London. I was thinking of chatting to a random girl on the street, but she is unlikely to be vegan. Any tips?
  2. bratvada

    Simon-amstell-carnage BBC vegan comedy
  3. bratvada

    Did you order a takeaway?

    I just ordered a Chinese: spring roll, veggie chicken and cashew nuts, broccoli with garlic. banana fritters I feel like treating myself today. What about you?
  4. bratvada

    Tofu Stir Fry.

    I cooked one up tonight. It came out well. I soaked the tofu in hot salty water, before drying it and then pan-frying . It came out crispy and tasty. I just used some frozen veg, and a chow mein sauce and ate it with rice. Good meal.
  5. bratvada

    Smurf the Kitten

    A seven-week-old kitten that has been dyed purple and suffered from at least 15 bite wounds and deep lacerations is now safe and recovering from his injuries at the Nine Live Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, California. Named Smurf for his periwinkle hue, this poor baby kitten...
  6. bratvada

    What if Vegans have got it wrong?

    What if we are supposed to eat meat, and just enjoy it and chill the hell out? Why bother to put the effort it, and face possibly awkward situations in public and society. And don't give me that crap about being perfect, fact is any vegan will face these situations. And if you are a...
  7. bratvada

    Giving Vegan another try.

    Well I have been omnivore since around 2012. Before that I was vegan on and off since 2005. I am going to give vegan another try. I was planning on having a health kick as my new year resolution. I was simply going to walk more. Instead I am going to go back to vegan. I have ordered a blender...