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  1. Andy_T

    News The End of Cheese as we Know it

    Shyvas, have you tried the Violife "Prosociano" vegan parmesan? German brand "Simply V" also have a very nice parmesan alternative that is already grated.
  2. Andy_T

    New from France

    Hannover, which is more or less in the middle. But I have lived for a long time in the South, in Munich and Stuttgart, and am originally from Vienna, Austria.
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    National Cabbage Day

    I love cabbage, too! My favourite style is the Austrian style that is prepared similar to spinach, coarsely chopped and boiled. Also, most of these recipes sound awesome once veganized:
  4. Andy_T

    Best Plant Yogurt

    Alpro now belongs to Danone, so I guess they could also market it in the States. Transport the product in bulk and fill it into the sales units close to the point of sale.
  5. Andy_T

    Post Something Cool From The Internet

    Names have power.
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    Best Plant Yogurt

    I think most people eat fruit yoghurt as it tastes quite delicious and has less calories than icecream. Alpro is really very nice in Europe (my personal impression is that you would be very hard pressed to distinguish it from dairy yoghurt in a blind test), but there are other manufacturers as...
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    US The 2020 Campaign for US President

    I am not filled with hope, after experiencing the effect that advertisements and bad-mouthing by the press had on Labour in the recent UK election...
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    The Cat Lovers Thread

  9. Andy_T

    US News Worst President

    I am divided here - on one hand, I agree with @Snert . Better he be gone today than tomorrow, and any way will be appreciated. On the other hand, I want him to experience the US prison system to the fullest possible extent once his term in office and his immunity are over.
  10. Andy_T

    New from France

    Paris, very nice! Definitely an awesome city and likely not difficult to find vegan places there.
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    TV & Film Movie Lounge

    That reminds me of the Steve McQueen classic, "Le Mans". Or, quite recently, the very good movie "Rush" about the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.
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    Vegan Split Pea Soup-Ham Hock Flavor

    I think the main steps are 1) open can 2) heat ... Just kidding, I love split pea soup, and the liquid smoke is a great way to get the "real" taste.
  13. Andy_T

    What can we learn from the Internet of the naughties?

    Ah, the good old times. I fondly remember "GRANOLA - Vegetarian discussion list" on LISTSERV or Usenet, don't exactly remember which, and that I printed (on continuous A3 printer paper) tomes of vegetarian recipes from that. Must have been around 1993.
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    Policy re bigotry of various types?

    It usually has that effect, yes.
  15. Andy_T

    UK Brexit aftermath/repercussions

    Last time I traveled there, there was the "Visa Waiver" program in place. Don't know if that still exists. But the problem is, if you do not need a visa, however, the 10 people in front of you do, and the border guard needs to check them, then you have to wait as well.
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    UK Brexit aftermath/repercussions

    Sorry to hear about your experiences, I have transferred there many times and so far have no bad experiences. But as I mentioned, whenever I was traveling with a colleague from Malaysia, and accompanied them on the travel through customers, I longingly eyed the short and quick queues at the...
  17. Andy_T

    UK Brexit aftermath/repercussions

    Welcome to the reality that people from outside of Europe have been facing all the time. When I was living in Asia, whenever I was traveling with Asian colleagues and using the same line they used, I often experienced that. If in the "Non-EU-Citizens" line in front of you there is a traveler...
  18. Andy_T

    Using Food Scraps

    My personal experience is they work fine to keep the wine for a day or two, if I do not consume the whole bottle in one go. (I decant some of the wine and vacuum the rest of it immediately) Not longer, however.
  19. Andy_T

    Using Food Scraps

    I am using vacuum "wine savers" ... they consist of rubber corks with valves in them and a corresponding pump with which you can evacuate the air from the bottle. There are two versions, a vacuum version for wine, and a pressure version for sparkling vine.
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