Yourofsky strikes again



Since actually going vegan and, in doing so, extricating myself from as much animal suffering as I can, few things have shocked me like the articles I read and the footage I witnessed before making that change.

Today, however, I thought I'd take a look at Gary Yourofsky's Facebook page (a well-know and well-respected long-time vegan activist). GY has a gift, which is that he continually finds - even for veteran vegans (well, I'm not quite a 'veteran' but it has been years now) - new perspectives which can elicit the entire range of emotional response. You think you're in the clear, then BOOM - GY strikes again - and all you can say as you scroll is 'oh my g-d'.

And he did, with this link:
*FYI the content of the link is cartoon sketches, some of which are graphic.

If I had seen that sooner, I'd have gone vegan sooner. I can swear to that much.
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