Dec 25, 2016
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Hey everyone, Aiden here.
It all started 2 years ago. I had a colleague at work who was a vegetarian and we would talk about food and she would give me some of the stuff she made ( I found it absolutely delicious). We also talked about spirituality a lot (mostly eastern) and all of it it got stuck in my head. After that, throughout the 2 years, whenever I would eat meat, I'd always be conscious of the fact that I'm a killer, and I was also meditating on the fact that I'm consuming death with all the fear and pain that the animal suffers during their death. So even after cutting down on it, (to about 1-2 a week) I reached a point when I totally firked up my health because of drugs which increased my sensitivity to everything (which in a sense is good, because it led me to where I am now in a much shorter time then if I weren't fooling around with them) and started feeling all the negative stuff that fabric meat and dairy products are causing. So I decided to go vegetarian 3 months ago. But then I still felt the "pain" (you can call it placebo, w/e) when I was consuming dairy products and an uncomfortable feeling in general, so I decided to go vegan 3 weeks ago.
At first my diet was pretty boring, until 1,5 week ago I experienced an ephipany that BEANS exist and started looking up loads of recipes and cooking loads of different stuff with them, like mung-dala, bean ragout, bolognese, pea soup. I still have this excitement in me because of the fact that this stuff existed and I wasn't even aware of how multifarious vegan cuisine is.
Now I'm really happy with myself and my body feels much better too! I don't have gastritis since I started being vegetarian and I've almost lost all the traces of osteoporosis. It is trully amazing how changing your diet can change your health so dramatically.
Youroufsky of course was one of the guys to motivate me.

Glad to be on board!
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