Where will you spend new year's eve?

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Dec 13, 2017
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Hey everyone!
Do you have any special place that you are going to visit for New Year's Eve?
Spending with your family or friends?

I don't have any friends and my family is a long story... I will be probably with the girl I have met two months ago... I really like her, and she's already stopped with eating meat! I think I will be happy just spending time with someone who appreciates me and looks at me the way she does. I mean, she slept with her ex and I slept with some other girls... We are in an open relationship... But still, we trust each other and we have built something wonderful in this two months. Yes, call me crazy but I believe in very different kind of love.

But this thread is about where will you spend New Year's Eve...
I might create a new thread for this girl that I have met :)
We will just be at home and probably will not stay up. Might do streamers early since my son loves them.
For new years ever I just stayed home and played games on my 3ds.
That's very kind but life sux.
I wish. Life will never be good. It's a pile of :poop:.:skull:
My only friends are furry cats.:confused:
There's no one to date either. :confounded:
Where do you live? Do you have yoga or gym nearby? Any activities you enjoy?

That is true, usually. "Life may be sad but it's always beautiful" - Pierrot Le Fou
There is nothing new under the sun and this blue sky.

I can't help you much (unless you need a logo or a website hehe)
Try to change and I promise you everything will change around you!
Oh gawd your so positive. lol
I'm from Canada. I wish my only prob was that I need website.:yum
I can't really go a gym or anything since i'm broke I've been having health probs lately that won't go away.:confounded: Now I have to go to the doc next week and i'm freakin out that it is something very serious. I can't even sleep.
Life is a ***** then you die.
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Don't give up. Life is the way it is... If you had a financial freedom and healthy life wouldn't you say life is great?
You are just in that situation now but it doesn't mean it will always be like that... Start by changing your philosophy of the life. Everything good takes time, just be patient. Your health will get better just by not stressing that much.

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I don't think. Life is cruel and full of suffering. Life has always been crap. I have to lie on the couch all day and can't work. I probably have a disease. That's reality.
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Please try and be more positive if you can.
Good things are a happening. Honestly. Plus you're at home on here with " family ".
i'll never be positive.I tried b4 and bad things still happened so never again I will be delusional.Being positive doesn't make everything perfect.:skull:: unamused:
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I am not suggesting that you have to think positive... And yes you have right, being positive doesn't make everything perfect but neither being negative... STOP bringing down yourself. I understand you are in a hard situation and you think your life is a crap (which is probably true based on your story) but I bet your life wasn't always like that. And guess what? Your life can change again, and sometimes all you have to do is just to believe.

It can't get any worse for you, so why not try?

By the way, how old are you?
I'm not bring myself down. I'm just being realistic.
Life can always get worse believe me. I lived a lot longer. Actually my life always was :poop:. :skull:
I'm old sadly. 34,:scream: It's depressing.:dizzy:
end of conversation.
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First of all, you are not being realistic. If you were, you would know that life can get better too. Second, life can get worse, if you let it, of course. Third, 34 years is not old. Let's not make more posts here because it's not meant to be a chat and we are way off the topic... Just try to remember the things I said to you, I really hope your life change!
animallover I wanted to say so much to you but it all sounded so not right because I don't know you enough to really advise you. But trust me 34 is very young to a 60 year old, and to my 92 year mother in law you are a baby. There are people who care, you just have to let them in, ( hardest thing in the world sometimes ) You love animals, do you have pets ? What would happen if you weren't there for them ? Could you help out with fostering pets in need, or make bedding and toys to donate to local animal charities ? Think of your happy memories and try to think of ways of getting close to that again, I have been to dark places too and I know how hard it is to come back from the edge, I don't have anything to offer you really except to listen and try to offer you moral support. I really hope you are feeling better soon, emotionally and physically.
There must be some local animal groups to get involved with. Give them a try.