What's in your pantry/fridge/freezer?

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Jun 4, 2012
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I'm liek, in Cali, dude.
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This is pretty much the same as the thread I posted on VB which was popular with newbies. I want to know what veg*an foods and ingredients you keep in your kitchen; mainly the staples you can't live without, but also those little occasional treats that are occasional because they're either not accessible most of the time or they're too expensive to buy on a regular basis.

My thinking is that having a running list will give newbies to the veg*an diet (and oldbies as well) ideas for stocking their own kitchens once the omni foods are gone.


Jul 16, 2012
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British Colombia
I live with an omni, so I hope my list might be useful to someone who has to share a fridge with and omni :).
Maybe it would be a good idea to list what kind of veg*n you are, like "this is the fridge/pantry/freezer/nifty food box of a vegan, laco-ovo vegetarian...etc"? It may be useful to somebody who may not be antiquated with they different types of vegetarianism yet.

I am a laco-ovo vegetarian, this the food in my fridge:
- Assorted vegetables, normally carrots, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, tomatoes, etc.
- Various fruits, usually whatever is in season.
- Mushrooms
- Pickles
- Salsa
- Hot sauce.
- Soy creamer and Almond milk- I don't like cow's milk.
- Various cheese products. Mostly Parmesan cheese.
- Eggs
- Sour cream
- Guacamole
- Tofu or some kind of veggieburger.
....my pantry:
- Quinoa
- Rice
- Jarred pasta sauce
- Various types of pasta
- Miso soup
- tinned things, like mushrooms, vegetables and some soup.
- Ramen and Udon noodles.
- Various spices. I have no idea whats actually there.
- Chips
- An entire shelf dedicated to coffee and tea.
- Peanut butter
- Vegemite
- More hot sauce.
- Homemade Jams and Jellies
- Another shelf just for baking stuff.
... the freezer:
- Soy icecream
- frozen fruit for smoothies
- frozen bits of veggies for making veggie stock with
- frozen veggies in bag.
- ice
- I most of my bread and similar things in my freezer so they don't go bad. Right now I have English Muffins and whole wheat bread in there.
- Coffee
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Jul 6, 2012
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Amersfoort, Netherlands
Right now I am pretty broke and don't have much in my fridge at all, but my salary is coming tomorrow so I'll just list the things I usually have in my pantry and fridge :)

Fridge and freezer:
-Green leafy vegetables
-Apples and at least one other kind of fruit
-Organic fruit jam without added sugar
-Lemon juice or lemon halves
-Frozen vegetables
-Veggie patties (assorted) (freezer)
-Fresh herbs (frozen after buying)
-Whole wheat bread slices (freezer)
-Fruit cubes (freezer) usually mango at least
-Curry paste, sambal badjak, hot sauce, bbq sauce
-Mayo and ketchup
-Soy milk
-Non dairy butter
-Cheese or cheese slices, mainly goat's cheese
-Mineral water

-Coconut milk, creamed coconut, coconut oil
-Olive oil
-Balsamic vinegar, apple vinegar
-Garlic and onions
-Porto (wine) and apple cider, mainly for sauces
-Rice, rice sheats for spring rolls
-Whole wheat pasta, noodles
-Canned tomatoes, tomato pulp
-Dried stone fruits like prunes and apricots
-Flour and baking powder
-Packaged medjool dates
-Canned peaches
-Dried herbs and spices (loads, too many to list)
-Peanut butter
-Assortment of tea
-Variety of nuts, usually at least a bag of almonds
-Cookies (usually organic)


I am going to edit this after, as I'm not home, I will forget whole groups of things. Everything's vegan, and of course varies by season, etc. Freezer: lots of frozen berries and mangoes for smoothies. Corn, peas, green beans, broccoli, some mixed veg, right now a giant bag of stir fry veg, Brussels sprouts, pureed butternut squash, diced onions, and a stack of labeled individual meals for work or if just one person's eating at home. I try to cook double and freeze half for later when feasible. White and sweet potato fries. Lime popsicles. Box of breaded eggplant slices. English muffins, everything bagels, dark seedy bread, waffles. Gardein frozen burgers and breaded chikken.

Fridge: grapefruit, oranges, limes, lemons, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, melon, lettuces, spinach, carrots, mushrooms. Almond milks: vanilla, chocolate, and plain.
Sriracha sauce, sweet chili sauce, catsup, mustards, veganaise, vinaigrette salad dressings, relish, banana pepper rings, BBQ sauce, earth balance, real maple syrup, peanut butter, no-sugar jelly, jug of water, OJ, grapefruit juice, Welch"s grape juice, bolthouse farms strawberry banana smoothie, ... Hummus, guacamole, tofu.

Sorry for the text wall. :oops:

Sugar (Florida crystals)
Pastas, various
Dried beans- navy, garbanzo, black, pinto, kidney, black eyed peas, split peas, lentils, 12 bean soup .

Grains: rice-brown, basmati, jasmine, wild, black, sushi. (We like rice.)
Oats quick and steelcut

Canned: beans-kidney, navy, white, black, garbanzo, pinto, etc.
Tomatoes canned, Newman's jar marinara sauce in a pinch. Not too many canned veg, but canned peaches and pineapple. Jarred applesauce. Artichoke hearts.

Pita chips, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, low-salt mixed nuts. Trail mix. Raisins, craisins, dried apricots, dates. Banana chips.

Bananas, tomatoes. Who knew I had so much food?!?!


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Jun 3, 2012
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I'm sure it's not a complete list but off the top of my head:

White Flour
Whole wheat flour
Chickpea flour
Rice flour
Tapioca powder
Corn starch
Rice noodles
Chocolate chips
Brown sugar
White Sugar
Agave nectar
Tea - chamomile, darjeeling, chai
Corn meal
Unsweetened cocoa powder
Chocolate chips
Nuts - Almond, peanuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, raw cashews, pine nuts
Seeds - flax, sesame
Ener-G egg replacer
Coconut butter
Maca powder
Beluga lentils
Dried black beans
Dried chickpeas
Dried white beans
Dried red beans
Dried split peas

Can cupboard:
Diced tomatoes
Whole tomatoes
Crushed tomatoes
Tomato paste
Tomato sauce
Artichoke hearts
Crushed pineapple
Plain pumpkin
Baby food (for the dogs when they are sick or after surgery)

Gardein - Manderin chik'n beefless tips
Amy's cheeseless pizza
Amy's rice and bean burritos
Cooked black beans
Cooked white beans
Cooked red beans
Sweet corn (for the chickens as a treat)

Soy milk - plain and chocolate
Coconut milk yogurt
Salad dressings - Organicville and Annie brands
Broccoli - from the garden
Romaine lettuce
Kale - from the garden
Spinach - from the garden
Red potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Turnips - from the garden
Yellow and red onions
Green onions
Mushroom soup - Pacific brand? I don't remember, it's vegan.
Soy cream cheese
Field Roast Sage Apple Sausage
Flour tortillas
Corn tortillas
Red peppers
Red salsa
Green salsa
Tamari sauce
Worcestershire sauce - vegan
Garlic chili sauce
Hoisin sauce
Peanut butter
Sunflower butter
Tamarind paste
Texas Pete hot sauce
Tapatio hot sauce

On the counter and in the fruit basket:
Clementine oranges
A peach
Garlic - from the garden
Potato chips

Spice and oil cabinet:
Tons and tons of various spices and herbs
Coconut oil
Canola oil
Sesame oil
Olive oil
Rice vinegar
Red wine vinegar
Extracts - vanilla, almond, chocolate, coconut, orange, lemon

Oh yeah, I'm vegan so everything on the list is vegan. :)