Space Sciences What do you think of SpaceX?



I myself am very excited by the recent accomplishments of SpaceX and other private firms and wish we had headed this way long ago. I think this re-opens the whole competition aspect that we had with the Russians decades ago and engages a whole new space race that can only serve to benefit mankind. The space shuttle never really turned out to be what we all imagined it would be in the 70's and although I was excited as the next guy over the prospect of 'space planes'... in the end I was glad to see it retired. Whatever anyone else says I feel we are finally on the right track and glad to see that several of these private firms are setting their sights on Mars. I don't think it would have happened any other way.
I think we're another step closer to privatizing outerspace. I hate it.
Why do you hate it specifically?

Personally I think it's way cool and harkens back to the 60's when 2001: A Space Odyssey came out and Pan Am was supplying transportation to space.

I think it's a positive development. Let's face it, although governments have made great contributions and should continue to play an important role, their space exploration programs (in some countries) have been on the expensive side, so allowing the private sector to do more will hopefully make space travel more affordable for everyone.
I don't think going into space would/will happen any other way. It requires people seeking money or monetary gain to at least take the first steps. Once some roads have been paved (so to speak), I think it'll open up more in the way of exploration and knowledge seeking for the sake of exploration and knowledge seeking.
I love how in the early 2000s everyone was whining because they expected way better technology for that point when they were kids, and now it's just skyrocketed and we're just talking about potential space travel like it's no big deal. :yes: