Apr 22, 2015
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USA! USA! US-- Oh, crap.
Hello, everyone!

I'm brand new here, but I've been vegetarian for about 16 years. I started when I was still in high school and one of my favorite singers from London After Midnight is a vegan. Until then, I had never even heard of that, but I knew I never really had a taste for meat.

My parents were not really surprised when I told them I didn't want to eat meat anymore. They said as long as I was healthy and I didn't try to convert them, or ridicule them, they would be fine with it. I thanked them for understanding that Scientology was an important part of my life and that I really believed in it.

I kid. Actually, telling them that I was running off to join Scientology would have been pretty funny.

My wife and I have two little girls, none of which we're forcing either belief on. Both of them are aware that daddy doesn't eat meat, but mommy does and that's okay. Later on, if they decide to go down that path, more power to them. We're flexible and accepting - their path is their own. Unless its Scientology because that's MY joke. >:\

Anyway, Hi! I look forward to the exchange of knowledge. :)
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