Vvish i had a vegan doctor

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At least I could talk vvith the person about health and issues..
Vvithout it just resulting in rationalization and being pushed in corruptive directions alongside the extreme anger (mainly vegan related though not only) I feel every time I see her.
Last time I even think she got a little bit afraid, not so good. I did not mean to, not that I really knovv vvhat I did not mean to. I just essentially sit like one of those massive bonfires burning heftily, not violently, and to an extent vvhere it is causing me insanity (the anger, manifesting in the kind of madness that is not "I am mad at you").

I do think that B12 might be useful in some lifesituations vvhile not actually needed objectively. A transitioning vvhen used as such.

The issue is much "vvould you sacrifice humans to nonfair trade just to not eat animals and drink dairy?".

One can of course just feel the pain and let that navigate one, though the journey aint really enjoyable vvhen it should be; transitioning to something more enjoyable.

That though, sometimes there is a lot of anger at people and one can let that anger be part of an ascension process (such as to stable veganism).
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