Vitamin water for daily b12 intake?


Jan 29, 2018
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Hi so I'm a new vegan and as I have realized I need to get my daily intake of vitamin b12, as it only comes from animal products. I know that there are b12 fortified foods and fortified almond and soy milk, but vitamin water has b12 in it. It doesn't say the specific amount of b12 on it but it says "100%". Does that mean it's 100% of needed b12 per day? Is drinking a vitamin water with b12 enough to meet my daily requirement or is that not enough?

I'd also like to know if there are any other vitamins I don't get from a vegan diet that I need. I try checking on websites but a lot of them are meat eating propaganda that say things like vegan diets lack iron when in fact iron comes from plant products more than meat
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I kind of have a problem with taking supplements (I'm OCD and have a problem taking pills) so I wanted a more natural alternative to get my daily intake
eat plenty green veg. delish :)
manufactured cereals like cornflakes etc usually have added B12 & other stuff to make up for the fact that they are ****
soya milk usually has added b12 i think
marmite has b12

but don't worry, you'll be fine.
Nutritional yeast has b 12 in it and has a great cheesy taste. Some soy and coconut milk has b 12 in it. You don't have to have b 12 everyday. Every other day would probably be enough.

The only reason meat and dairy has b 12 in it is because the animals are supplemented with it. They don't naturally have it either.