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Jun 5, 2012
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Indian Summer mentioned the relatively new Wiki in another thread, but I thought it might be nice to give a formal introduction. The Wiki will be editable by members to add information or fix errors. The Wiki can be found in the main menu bar (currently residing between User Albums and Members). So far, there are two sections:

Non-Vegan Ingredient List
Vegetarian Starter Guide

As Indian Summer suggested in the other thread, the Vegetarian Starter Guide looks a little spartan and could use some visuals.

I hope members will participate in keeping the Wikis up to date with information and enjoy the benefits of the community knowledge base.
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Pickle Juice

Jun 2, 2012
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It may be possible to moderate entries before they can be published, if there is someone who would want that responsibility. But perhaps being a more established member before you can add to it would also be a good idea.

Dave in MPLS

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Jun 4, 2012
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Is there any functionality like the talk page on Wikipedia where users can discuss proposed edits and such? I've learned from banging my head against the wall on WP that it's best to hash things out a bit before doing anything beyond minor editing.

Oh, and what is the intended scope of the wiki? Nuts-and-bolts topics or a more comprehensive all-things-vegetarian-related (including notable historical figures etc)?

Indian Summer

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Apr 26, 2012
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Oxon, UK
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If I remember correctly, it doesn't have talk pages (can't check at the moment as I'm using Tapatalk), but let's face it, the Wikipedia talk pages are inferior to threads on a message board. Well, in my opinion anyway :) So if you want to discuss something related to a Wikipedia article, just start a thread in a forum of your choice.

As for the scope, I think it could cover everything related to veg*ism. The most important topics would be the nuts and bolts, but if there's something else you want to write about, then please go ahead!