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Apr 26, 2012
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We need to come up with a powerful slogan that can sway the masses to give up yesterday's boring forums and come join us instead.

I intend to put the slogan(s) up near the logo. You can see an example in the Flexile Dark Standalone style.

Feel free to post your ideas here ... If you lack inspiration, have a look at these. I'm thinking surely they could be adapted to our cause. Let's see ... How do I make "Remember Pearl Harbor" into a veg*n slogan ....?
I've had much fun with this tool:

"Double the Pleasure, Double the Forum."
"Ding-Dong! Veggieviews Calling!"
"Only Veggieviews Can Prevent Forest Fires."
"It Needn't Be Hell With Veggieviews." (lolz)
"There Ain't No Party Like A Veggieviews Party."

So as you can see, I should find the perfect slogan any minute now ....
Broaden your perspective - VeggieViews!
VeggieViews - because there's more to being vegetarian than just food!
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Stay on the right side, that's VeggieViews side.
VeggieViews for champions.
There's only one thing in the world I want and this is VeggieViews.
It must be VeggieViews.
VeggieViews - the bigboy. :lol:
The magic of VeggieViews
I was trying to figure out how "enjoy the view" could be in the slogan, but my brain ain't werkin' today.