Vegetarians at the gate

I really liked the article.

One paragraph I liked was

Yet even as Kerr tirelessly promotes vegan eating, he’s exposing a tension at the heart of the boom. For decades, veganism has been rooted in the counterculture and in rejection of the animal-derived, heavily processed, sodium-laden pathologies of the modern food system. Yet for the diet to enter the mainstream, it will almost certainly have to be companies in that same food system, using many of the same practices, that bring it to mass-market scale. To go truly global, in other words, vegan foods must be financialized and industrialized. And Kerr wants to be the guy to do it.​

and then there was this one

But with the same companies that dominate the existing food business moving to do the same with vegan products, some activists and nutritionists fear there’s a real risk of replicating many of that industry’s existing problems. The most obvious pertain to health. In principle, an animal-free diet can be more healthful than a carnivorous one—lower in cholesterol and calories and higher in fiber, magnesium, and several key vitamins (though nutritionists often recommend supplements to make up for deficiencies in others). But many of the most heralded vegetable-based products may be worse for you—or at least not much better—than their conventional equivalents. The Impossible Burger, made from wheat, soy, and potato, is more calorific than a lean beef patty and contains seven times more sodium, though no cholesterol. One tablespoon of coconut oil—the main ingredient in Numu, the New Crop-backed mozzarella substitute—contains almost the recommended daily limit for saturated fat.
I think this quote sums up my feelings

“I have conflicting feelings about it,” she says. Companies that rely on animals are “enemy No. 1. But on the other hand, it’s money that’s helping veganize the world.”

Really good article and really did a good job illustrating and illuminating some of the stuff we have been discussing this week. I also liked that it was mostly positive. It's nice to feel good about something.
I posted this article on a different forum that is completely unrelated to veganism and only one person had a positive open minded response, that he was a meat eater and willing to try a Beyond Burger or whatever.

Everyone else was utterly hostile. Several people obviously didn't bother to read the article and just went on long winded yarns about "false science" (note this wasn't a science article nor did I post it in a science related forum) or extreme diets.

One person laughed at the possibility of plant protein pushing down flesh sales and perhaps the most obnoxious response was from a man on a low carb diet suggesting that population control was really the answer, which is ludicrous from a climate change standpoint with current population being what it is and overconsumption in the less populated West actually being the real problem. It seemed like he was suggesting genocide so that he and his keto buddies could continue to put bacon on their sugar free ice cream and eat cow with a side of pig three meals a day.
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Almost 300 years ago a forward-thinking writer solved the whole overpopulation problem. Unfortunately, no one at the time took him seriously and look where we are now. I think its time we dusted off and put his plan in action.

You can read "A MODEST PROPOSALFor preventing the children of poor people in Ireland, from being a burden on their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the publick.
by Dr. Jonathan Swift
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