Vegetarian to vegan


Aug 27, 2015
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I'm slowly starting to switch from vegetarian to vegan very slowly. I can't afford to switch all at once obviously. What are your favourite brands of vegan food? I already don't eat much processed foods so that won't be hard for me, my main struggle I think will be bread- I'll start making my own. Does anyone have favourite vegan recipes? thanks


I like Oatly oat milk and Pure sunflower spread (I'm soy intolerant). There are some great vegan frankfurter sausages out there - I think frankfurters are the best vegan imitation meat in terms of flavour and texture.

Other than that try to make as much as you can from a selection of whole foods ingredients. I don't really buy 'brand' products any more but make my own foods. I use flaxseed or oil as an egg-binder replacement and aquafaba for egg-white based desserts. These are more effective than the egg replacements you can buy in packets (tried and tested). I have made the most amazing omelettes and frittatas out of lentil flour too.