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Dec 28, 2016
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Veganuary: Your New Year resolution with a difference

In less than two weeks we’ll all be welcoming in the New Year. We’ll make resolutions to ‘do this’ and ‘change that’, all the while wondering if we’ll manage to keep it up for more than a couple of days. Well, as 2017 is very nearly here, we’ve been busy thinking about resolutions that can actually bring the most positive change – and we’ve got it! We’ve found a resolution for you that won’t just improve your overall health and contribute towards a healthier environment, but – importantly – this is a resolution that will help save thousands of animals worldwide. Sounds amazing, right? Let us introduce you to Veganuary.

What is Veganuary?

Putting it simply, Veganuary is an amazing initiative set up to encourage people around the world to pledge to go vegan for the month of January. It really is as simple as that. We think it’s a great idea: free, easy to do and the simplest way to kick-start your new vegan lifestyle. We salute you team Veganuary!

What’s the incentive?

If you’re anything like us, with the New Year comes refreshed aspiration, ambition and determination. By taking part in Veganuary you help yourself by improving your health, you help the planet – did you know that going vegan is more beneficial to the environment that giving up your car – and you help to reduce the suffering of animals around the world. So really, the incentive is three-fold but we like to think that the warm, rewarding feel-good factor you get by going vegan is the best incentive out there.

It’s about more than vegan food

The lovely people behind Veganuary have lots of information for everyone taking part, but we say don’t stop there! Make the most of your vegan experience by fully embracing the lifestyle. Think about making sustainable, animal friendly choices as you indulge in the January sales: you’ll find lots of tempting high-quality fashion items and accessories out there that look great and are entirely vegan.

Start exploring the world of vegan shopping: add a touch of glamor to your accessories with our stunning selection of vegan handbags or try our unique eco-friendly cork bags for the ultimate animal and environmentally friendly accessory. And, when you’re feeling really great about what you’ve achieved at the end of January, we expect you’ll need one of our fabulous vegan t-shirts!

Who can take part?

You, your friends, family…anyone and everyone! This is the time to try something new; maybe you’ve toyed with veganism for a while having been inspired to help animals, maybe you’re motivated by the health benefits of a vegan diet (which, we should add, include weight loss and lower cholesterol!), or maybe you’re simply curious about what it’s like to live the vegan lifestyle.

Your reason really isn’t what matters; by taking part and joining the international Veganuary community you will be a part of what must surely be one of the largest communal New Year resolutions in the world. This is the time to be a part of something big; something with the power to make lasting positive change. So do something meaningful this New Year: sign up to try a vegan lifestyle. You’ll not regret it.

If anyone has doubts about going vegan, its worth trying.