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lenny michaels

Jan 24, 2016
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Hello everyone!
I'm kinda new here, so... hi :)
I wanted to share a video I recently created regarding veganism,
and also ask if anyone's familiar with some good youtubers that concentrate on veganism in their videos.

I think using YouYube to spread the word about veganism is a good idea, since there are many young
people on there with open minds that are looking to learn new things; and just a huge audience to address..

So here's my video, leave a comment to let me know if you liked it, thanks! :)


Hello there.

Vegan YouTubers... where do I begin? There are tons and tons and tons and tons. Not that that's a bad thing :)
However, routinely, I only follow Timothy Shieff.

Otherwise you can use keyword search 'vegan', a channel filter, and sort by views: Vegan YouTube Channels - but it's still a bit random in the order it presents results (small channels close to the top of the pile etc. it doesn't seem very intuitive). I wish there was a way to sort by 'most subscribed' on YouTube. Otherwise I'm sure if you google search 'top 10 vegan YouTube channels' you'll get some good lists as well.

Another good tip to see who's active is to filter the most viewed videos in the past month. Click here.
Durianrider also did this some time ago.
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