Veganism = less strained microbiology = increased strengths

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One of the things I can do, partially as a result of being vegan (sustainability), is this:

Vvalked by a man vvearing headphones.
A button of sorts vvas emotionally triggered causing me to reach out empathically; this empathic connection vvas then grabbed on to - through the connection generated using the music running via I assume some kind of p2p system not only via humans, also various other beings.

Hereunder the constant interaction occuring across continents; online, phones, talk amongst peers etc.

This right before a 12 step meeting, from the outside predictably upon entering, being able to hook on to vvhat may be knovvn to occur early in the meeting.


So, novv see ancient Greeks.
"Heroes of superstrength", "Mutants"/"monsters"/"just beings vvith various capacity" etc.

I think there may be more out there than I am still avvare. Its kinda annoying not to get to see all the fun.

Just see vvhat I can do brainvvise, then consider bio-unlockment/vessel unlockment.

At least the mythologies described potential future truth.

I dont lack nonprovable evidence of, vvell, not ghosts or gods - just vvords - but trippy experiences.
But thats insane.. Right?

I admit I ponder, vvhat hides behind all the suppression of neurality, ability to perceive.
Vvhat causes such to be so fearful; because its like the entire planet is being domesticated in every vvay and that leading to a space age so to speak involving domesticating stars, planets, moons etc.

Does seem to me something is very afraid of the entire universe. Also very angry at. There might be, like the upholding of the doctoral system, a lot of bodies involved in the continued existence of such.
Not that I knovv, but its just to not be evil; the psychiatric .. needs to mutate healthily, not mutate into something even vvorse. Even if they did the latter to me, its not like all life and the universe vvould be happy for even more to be lost.

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