Veganism and dancing all night


Mar 3, 2017
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Afternoon all,
Firstly of course health is important to me. I think that's true for most vegans as you learn soon enough that you can't just get by on baked beans on toast. So pleeeease no sanctimonious comments about how staying out all night and drinking etc. is damaging to my health. I think I speak for the entire adult population of the world when I say I'm aware of this ;)

I'm interested in hearing from others who enjoy, from time to time, going out to clubs, listening to good music and getting home after sunrise the next day. I've noticed since being vegan that I am just destroyed for like 4 or 5 days after an all-nighter of dancing. Like my muscles ache, my head short I'm a broken woman.
I don't actually go out that often anymore as mostly I like to spend my weekends doing stuff over than recovering but I was wondering if this is an age thing (I'm almost 30) or a vitamin-deficiency thing.

Any similar experiences? My non-vegan friends seem to recover well and are chirpy after a day max 2 days which makes me think it might be to do with my diet.

Anyway that was all, thanks in advance for your responses!


Mar 3, 2017
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p.s. I take vitamin b12 sub-lingual tablets (500mg) a few times a week, take probiotics every day, eat A LOT or ground seeds (flaxseed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds) on raw veg salads which I eat every day for lunch, and drink endless smoothies. For dinner I usually have some kind of curry/dal or tofu based dish.
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