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Jun 21, 2017
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Hi, all. I'm taking a business course and I'm currently performing market research for my topic and it's honestly not fairing so well. I made a survey to collect responses from people outside of my circle and non-vegans have taken to answering the questions sarcastically. Questions like "what do you like the most about being vegan" returns sarcastic answers like "knowing that I can change my mind and eat some real food whenever I feel like it". Typical stuff, really. I've tried other ways of limiting the respondents to those at least interested in the vegan lifestyle but my options have been a bit limited in that respect. So I thought I would ask my vegan friends!

Do you mind answering a 10 question survey? About four or five of the questions ask about your age, sex, location, etc. so it's not terribly involved - and I'll love you forever. Help me get this "A" lol.

My Vegan Survey Right Here!
Done. Just a suggestion. When giving a survey to the general population use questions that are more generic. Like
Would you eat a chicken meal if you had to kill the chicken yourself?
Do you think the livestock industry is ruining the environment?
Are you in favor of more vegetarian options to be made available in schools?

Stuff that even nonvegans can answer.