Survey Vegan Survey for Dissertation

Louise McGregor

Nov 24, 2015
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We are two undergraduate students studying Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. For our final dissertation topic, we are studying the association between personality and dietary choices, specifically the paleo diet, the Atkin’s diet, and gluten-free or vegan diets. The study is in the form of an online survey. Firstly, you will be asked a few questions about their diet - why you follow it, and you commitment to it. After, you will complete a personality questionnaire. The study typically takes 20 minutes. Participation in the study is voluntary but participants will be entered into a draw with the chance to win one of two £20 amazon gift vouchers.
We were wondering if you could please take this survey! Our study is being supervised by Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh and the survey has been approved by the Psychology Research Ethics Committee. If you have any questions, please contact us at and we would be glad to help. Otherwise you may wish to email our supervisor at

Here is the link!