Vegan stuart from salisbury, uk


Apr 28, 2018
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That's right - I survived the Russian Spy Poisoning - and I'm totally claiming that Veganism made that possible ;)

Okay so I wasn't actually anywhere near any of the scenes of the crimes - which I'm sure 99% of the world have now heard about!

I've been Vegan now since April 2016 (2 years woo!) and have slowly transitioned into a 100% Vegan lifestyle! I don't believe it's been a difficult thing to do, but there are so many hidden animal products if you haven't done all of the research (Sheep's Wool derived Vitamin D anyone?!) but I feel like I'm there now, armed with the knowledge & power to keep me going :laughing:

I've run online businesses since I left university in 2013 and am currently building businesses that will allow me to serve Vegans specifically and use my time & funds to continue Vegan advocacy in the UK.

Hope that wasn't too much of a ramble but it does say introduce yourself! :joy:

Would love to connect with new people, I'm @itsstuartdownes on instagram & twitter!