Vegan songs?

There is this thread

I know that somewhere in the What Are You Listening To Now thread is a bunch of vegan-inspired/inspiring songs. we were sort of in theme there for a while. But I can't find it. We didn't always put the title in the text box so it is really hard to search for it. Its 33 pages long so it doesn't make it easy to do a manual search. Especially when you have to stop and listen to every third song.
I started a thread here about a year ago to observe artists who are vegetarian or vegan. But here are a few songs with an explicit vegan or animal rights message:

Late 80s/Early 90s alternative (probably the first vegan song I heard as a child, I liked the animal sounds) -

Late 80s/Early 90s straight edge hard core scary vegan punk -

80s Animal Rights anthem, a guy at my high school used to wear this tee shirt, for years I thought Morrissey was vegan but found out that he was actually vegetarian and only became vegan in the 2000s -

Rise Against is one of my favorite over all political bands from the 2000s but this is their most explicitly vegan song, although all members of the band are either vegetarian or vegan:

The animal rights theme in this 2000s song by vegan Moby is in the video rather than the lyrics of the song -

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Sightly of topic but possibly related - I wish there were vegan versions of language learning. I'm tied of repeating "me gustaría el chorizo con queso" :/