Vegan, pregnant and having bad food aversions?


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May 28, 2019
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Hey everyone. Im an (almost) lifelong vegetarian and have been vegan since 2013. I'm now pregnant with my first baby. Blood drawn at 7 weeks showed no anemia, B12 deficiency etc... I have no health issues in general, I can't even remember the last time I had a cold and I got pregnant our first try. I have always supplemented B12 and am now taking a prenatal vitamin along with Omega 3 DHA/EPA. Anyways, I'm about 9 weeks and the past week or so any and all fatty/protein rich foods I just can't touch. Everything from beans and rice, nuts, anything cooked in oil and that awful faux meat stuff (which I don't typically eat, but have been at the recommendation of the midwife for extra protein). I was forcing myself to keep eating stuff that sounded bad, but a few nights ago I ate a soy-based veggie burger and felt like I was going to puke the rest of the night then tried some plain chickpeas the next day and felt like I was gagging getting them down, so I haven't been forcing myself to eat anything since. I've just kind of been eating fruit and a few crackers, and even the crackers taste iffy. I did buy some cereal, which is weird because I haven't really eaten cereal since I was a kid but I was craving it and the has gone down ok.

Besides that one incident, I haven't felt any pregnancy sickness, so I'm fairly certain it was forcing myself to eat something my body didn't want. Im sure a few days of not eating much in the way of protein and fat won't hurt the baby but I've heard food aversions can last an entire pregnancy. It's not really that unusual for me to eat more fat and protein in the winter and a more raw/fruit heavy diet in the summer. Even before I was vegan I eat a lot lighter in the warmer months. I generally trust my body to guide me in nutritional choices but I'm a little scared now because there's another body inside my body that can't communicate its needs. I don't want to hurt my baby not eating the right nutrition for pregnancy. Hoping there are other women here who went through pregnancy vegan who have some kind of advice? Do I trust my body that it knows best for my baby or force myself to eat the extra protein/fat recommended for pregnant women even if it makes me sick? Or do these kinds of aversions usually pass eventually? If it doesn't pass soon, Ill call my midwifes office about it, but in my experience, other vegans know more about vegan health than medical professionals.


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May 31, 2017
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I've been pregnant three times and have had food aversions during two of them. Forcing yourself to eat something that sounds gross won't do you any favors other than nutrition. As long as you're eating other foods and a lot of it you shouldn't have much problems. You can always try smoothies and see if it helps. You can add protein powder to them. My food aversions with my son lasted for quite a few months but they did go away. You're very early on and aversions and morning sickness can last into the second trimester. Eat what you can and don't beat yourself up about it.
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