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Nov 18, 2017
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I apologize if this thread already exists elsewhere, I don't see it. And I was highly influenced by vegan musicians as a younger person, so I think this is totally relevant.

It doesn't have to be an obvious animal rights song, it can be any vegan or vegetarian artist if you want.

Chrissie Hynde, vegan with songs about other things

Moby, with a video that honestly makes me cry, just like WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? The very words "Dream About Me" thinks about abandoned or unloved animals

I'm a huge Rob Zombie fan, he's a lifelong vegetarian who has been vegan for a few years (along with his wife Sherri Moon) and I always wonder about "More Human Than a Human" - is he saying some animal species are more human than a human? Or that veganism is more human than a human? This stands out to me in an abstract way as his animal rights song.

Also the song Barbarism Begins at Home is as vegan to me as Meat is Murder. It has echoes of Pink Floyd's The Wall (how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?)

Pink Floyd gave us a glimpse into how Western, English-speaking, Capitalist society abuses children by forcing them to eat meat in "Another Brick in the Wall" - I cling to this song continually, as it is "accidentally vegan" - Pink isn't known as a "vegan band" like The Smiths, but it is such a powerful witness to how millions of Western children are bullied and indoctrinated into eating meat as a matter of course, and of coercive violence that mirrors Industrial Capitalist society.

I could post more recent vegan songs, but I'd like this thread to inspire, not overbear.
Who remembers when MTV with Kurt Loder played Barbarism Begins at Home as the beginning of MTV news? I thank music largely for freeing my mind for conformity. I know it varies for some people, they can quote Aristotle and Van Gogh, but the music industry had a powerful effect on me, from the B52s to Beck to Fiona Apple - these works of performance art subtley told me the message that veganism or vegetarianism was necessary from a very young age. I think it's a very powerful medium outside of Twitter and YouTube - that vegan music should be continually made, and that vegan writers should comment upon it in their books. Art is a powerful and subtle way for the more outspoken of us to feign inoffensive quietude. I'm a huge Lana Del Rey fan - who is in fact vegetarian - but her sister Chuck Grant or Your Girl Chuck, who is a photographer is more like me as a person, she is so open about being vegan, so open about her politics. Like we were designed to admire the quieter type, but knew better for ourselves.

Always speak out, even when your hands are shaking, in any way you can.
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that moby video was so sad! I want to save all the animals! It's so cold where I live I can't to think about all the ones that die!
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The first that is coming to my mind is Moby:)
More music stuff here. Also I saw few concerts with him, that had vegan message.
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Great posts so far!
I have few I would like to add :)