Vegan options in Orange Beach, AL


Jul 6, 2021
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Hi all, this is my first time posting. We are a "blended" family. My adult son is vegan and the rest of us are part-timers, healthy eaters, but not totally vegan. My family of 6 is going on a 5-day vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama next week. We are staying at my brother's condo so we'll have a fully equipped kitchen. My son and I are really good cooks, so we can make anything we want at home, but we don't want to cook dinner at home *every* day. We also don't want to go out, or order in *every* day. I think the right balance would be that we cook 2 or 3 of the days and go out or order in 2 or 3 of the days. So I'm asking for help identifying a couple of restaurants, take-out places, maybe an Indian place?, or any hole in the wall that has vegan options.

I looked up the nearby restaurants in the area and looked at their menus and there's nothing vegan. I doubt the bread for a veggie sandwich is even vegan. I called a couple of the restaurants and asked about it and the people seemed pretty clueless. I don't want to go to a restaurant and have my son only able to eat a potato and salad. So if anyone has been there, do you know of anywhere?


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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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I just used google and found
The brick and spoon
Villaggio Grille
And the Gulf

None of these are vegan restaurants but vegetarians and vegans have given some good reviews

Yelp is a good resource. just put vegan in the search box.

Wolf Bay is supposed to have a good salad bar
Even Nikki's Seafood got a good review from a couple of vegans passing thru.

and check out Happy Cow. I find their info more out of date than Yelp but vegan restaurants are their specialty.
They list 3 Mexican places.

And keep in mind that you can find vegan options at lots of restaurants that don't specialize in vegan or vegetarian food.

For instance most Asian restaurants have vegan options. Just get the tofu dishes.

Mexican restaurants are easy to deal with too. Just get the Vegetarian option and ask them to hold the cheese.

Italian food can easily be veganized too.

As far as bread goes, French bread and Sour Dough are always vegan.
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