Vegan Newbie

Hello, welcome, and congrats to you for making this decision and for being open minded and willing to follow your son's lead!

It would be helpful to know from where your starting - what kind of diet you have now and for how long; what you have access to;; what kind of foods your looking to try - are you looking for foods to replace, or are you going to ask for more of a whole foods approach; are you looking for plant based foods only or are you striving for vegan, which would include the choices you make when purchasing products and clothes? And what/who has inspired you, aside from your son - are you active & healthy or after there any concerns you have with regards to getting specific nutrients or calories? Or are you motivated also by ethical and/or environmental concerns? Do you like to cook? Do you have any concerns about having support from friends, other family members, or co-workers?

We all come from different backgrounds and have a lot to share - let us know where to start :)

Welcome aboard - what a wonderful way to start the new year!