Vegan milk alternatives


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Mar 11, 2015
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Which do you use if any. These days you can choose from;
  • Almond
  • Hemp
  • Soy
  • Rice
  • Coconut
Personally I prefer almond, especially the chocolate one, but I use unsweetened soy for cooking as it's cheaper.
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We have a coconut one in our house, we have been through a few, I drink soya when out but find it a bit sickly. I like rice milk when just drinking milk but for on breakfast I like coconut milk best.
I've tried Almond and Soy, I prefer sweetened Soy milk I need to try Coconut I love the smell! I can't remember the last time I ate coconut I'm not actually sure if I like it haha, we'll see!
I use almond milk right now. I didn't like the taste at first but after I while I got used to it. I try to stay away from soy milk because I've heard that it too much soy can actually lower your testosterone!

Not that it will happen just from drinking soy milk alone but right now almost every products I see contains soy and maybe it's a good idea to take precautionary measures.
Soy is now more readily available in coffee shops and restaurants as they need to cater to people who are vegan or who have allergies. I have been to some hotels where there is a jug of soy milk for cereal too, so it is becoming easier and you don't have to ask for some in the kitchen.

They also know it will bring in vegans if they offer soy milk, but i think asking for almond milk maybe going a bit too far as it is expensive and not available as readily.
I prefer almond milk. I go with a 50:50 original:unsweetened because I find one is too sweet for me and the other not sweet enough.

I did used to use soya milk but whilst it was fine in things, I couldn't drink it by itself so things like cereal in the morning was a problem for me. Almond milk I can happily drink by itself and now that Alpro do both and they are the same price, I can just but almond milk and no worry about it.

I did try rice milk as well, and that is my next favourite one. Oat milk is also very nice but through winter I usually have porridge oats and somehow it doesn't work with oat milk probably because I don't like porridge made with water!
I've had soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk in the past. I didn't really stick to one particular non-dairy milk - I'd usually just get whichever one was on sale. However, a few months ago, I stumbled across some flax milk with protein added (pea protein) at my grocery store and decided to give it a try. Now, that's the only one I use. It's called "Good Karma" and comes in plain and vanilla. The vanilla one is great for smoothies, and the plain is good for whatever else. It tastes good, and has calcium and omega 3 in it. It also only has 50 calories per cup, for anyone who's concerned about that.

Sorry if I sound like a salesperson, but I just love the stuff. :)
I think the great thing these days is that there is choice. When I first became vegetarian over 20 years ago, soy milk was rare and people thought you were a hippy. Now that it is popular means that the prices have come down and it's available in coffee shops and restaurants too as well as discount supermarkets. It's no longer only found in health food stores.

There are some that don't serve it, but generally in cities most places do, otherwise they would lose a lot of vegan trade and those with allergies. Gone are the days of bringing your own milk with you as we used to.
I used to like soy milk when I first tried it. I did not really drink it, but I used it when I had cereal. I also tried the chocolate soy milk. I thought it tasted better than the vanilla, but I still thought it tasted a bit bitter. Then, I heard about almond milk. I heard about how good it is for you. I tried the Almond Breeze vanilla almond milk, and I really liked it. Plus, it gave cereal an amazing flavor. There was another milk that I saw in the supermarket. It was Almond Breeze almond-coconut milk. I never tried coconut milk, and I liked vanilla almond milk. So, I decided to give it a try. When I tried it, I fell in love with it. I like that it has calcium, low in fat, and has vitamins and minerals. I will stick with almond milk and almond-coconut milk because they are both healthy and taste amazing!
I have recently taken a liking to making my own mylks, but don't have the time to do it regularly. It's super easy to make. You soak your nut or seed of choice to release the enzyme inhibitors. Then mix them with water, salt, and a raw sweetener in a high speed blender and then you "milk" it through a nut bag. It is somewhat therapeutic to squeeze it out of the bag. Since I don't always have the time, I make sure to buy a vegan mylk that has the non-gmo verified label on it. The weirdest storebought mylk I had was a mixture of chia seed and quinoa.
I prefer Soy Milk, out of all the types of milk you have listed. The other types of milk are sweetened, or have a terrible after taste. I usually buy both sweetened and unsweetened soy milk. I prefer using unsweetened soy milk for several recipes, and sweetened soy milk for drinking. I will often have my cereal with sweetened soy milk. It all depends on what types of tastes you like, and what you can afford.
I don't drink a lot of milk, but I used to put almond milk in my tea. Then I found out that most store almond milk actually has very little actual almonds in it, and a lot of chemicals. Bleh! So, I just avoid milk and its substitutes altogether. It hasn't really been too hard for me!