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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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The interior of the ACH145 has a vegan interior, meaning none of the materials used are derived from animals. In place of leather, ACH used Ultraleather, a synthetic that aims to mimic the feel and durability of the original. Besides the seats, the design team used the synthetic on storage areas, partitions and control cuffs.​
Airbus built the ACH145 for Dr. Urs and Ms. Daniela Brunner, whose Giulia & Romeo fashion line uses no animal products and donates profits to animal welfare. From the outset, the deal was contingent on creating a vegan interior but the executive helicopter maker had to find a solution that met both its quality-control and luxury standards. The result was a material that proves to be a satisfactory faux leather that feels like the genuine material. “We both greatly appreciate the skill and imagination that went into devising and installing this interior,” Dr. Brunner said in a statement.​

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