Vegan Friendly Recipe Ingredient Substitutions

Thanks for sharing this link, just bookmarked it.

I'm new to veganism and always seeking more information for healthy dining , being my main problem find how to substitute dairy products mainly.

It's really amazing how people still can't see there are many options to cow milk, in fact I was only using soy milk when this site is citing also rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, hazelnut milk, cashew milk and coconut milk and, best of all, these are milks we can make on our own if not available at the nearby store.

Cool resource site indeed :)
That's a good list! I've bookmarked it too.

I love to use coconut milk in place of cows milk in desserts in particular as I love the creaminess it gives them. I'm actually allergic to cows milk anyway so I've been using alternatives to cows milk for a long time but I have to say coconut milk is my favorite milk. Rice milk is a close second, and I like oat milk as well.

A substitute for eggs that I've found works especially well in pancakes is banana. I see that's not on that list, so I thought I'd share it here. I usually add one banana to replace each egg and I find I don't need to add a lot of additional liquid to the pancakes. They taste great without anything else, or you can add additional flavours such as cinnamon to the batter.

I've never tried flax seeds in place of eggs although I had heard of it. I hadn't tried it because the texture concerns me somewhat. Is it particularly noticeable? I think it might put me off personally.