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Jan 5, 2020
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Hi all, trying the Vegan lifestyle this month in order to gain a greater understanding of what Vegans are all about, with the aim of reducing my meat intake after the month is over. Bar one slipup in assuming that Quorn was vegan (has egg whites), i've been doing pretty well so far.

One thing i struggle with is snacking food, especially food i can eat between meals or take with me to eat at work. Supermarkets near me would be Tesco, ASDA or ALDI and i'm just wondering if anyone can suggest some good sweet or fatty foods that are vegan that will help me get through the month?

fresh fruit like apples, bananas, berries and mandarins

dried fruit like apricot, raisins, figs

nuts and seeds like peanuts, mixed nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

hummus with carrots and celery is a great snack, or peanut butter sandwiches. you could also make a smoothie in the morning to bring with you, or find a place to buy one near work.

good luck with your vegan month! you don't have to stop come february either ;) but it's great you're trying to reduce
I use to take a chopped salad to work with added chickpeas, now retired we have a complex smoothie around lunchtime. We don't snack except for some fruit. In the evening maybe PB or AB with marmalade on sprouted bread toast and hot chocolate soy bev.

Coffee shops around our way have a variety of vegan snacks and some are gluten free, also several vegan restaurants. You can get all kinds of vegan snack bars in the supermarket of health food store, Vega, Larabar, etc.

Don't know what Quorn is, not approved in Canada.
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Don't know what Quorn is, not approved in Canada.
It's made from a fungus that grows on cave walls (Mycoprotein) and when it first came out, they used battery eggs in its production. It is now approved by the vegetarian society so I presume they have switched to free range eggs. They also do some egg free vegan products these days. It has a meatier texture than most soya products but like soya products, it needs a lot of flavouring.
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@Brian1 I had a sandwich from Copper Branch (Canadian Vegan) with Shiitake mushroom, very good.


Trail mix! Go to a store with bulk trail mix and get a variety of vegan options. That helped me so much when I made the switch.

Peanut butter + veggies or apples. Filling and easy to take to work for a light meal - a jar of peanut butter plus some carrots or apples (or anything else). You dip the fruit / veg in the peanut butter.

This is a low fat option, but I also like pomegranates for a work snack / light meal because they travel well. (I like my work meals light so I stay energized.)

Baked tofu! You can slice it and put it on crackers with tomatoes, peanut butter, whatever you have. Or make a sandwich with it.

Instant food coma: Take a large collard leaf, spread peanut butter all over one side, put a block of baked tofu in the middle, and wrap it. It's intensely nutritious and filling.

Nuts, as others have mentioned. Macadamia nuts are good for fat and calories.

I'll probably think of more, but those are some good snacks.

I would start with stuff like that and avoid the more processed vegan versions of SAD snacks. But that stuff exists too, and it's ok.