Vegan festivals in the USA


May 20, 2016
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Hi everyone!

Im frequently traveling to the USA (NYC and Los Angeles with my family) and Im attending some upcoming events Like San Diego Veg Festival and Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food next month. Im just sharing this info if someone is interested or planning to visit the states soon.

Website: Vegan Festivals & San Diego Veg Festival
Date: June 2016
Where: Rose Bowl - 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA 91103
Cost: $50- $100 dlls
Transportation: Uber & lax shuttle

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Forest Nymph

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Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
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Woot! Veg fest. I attended both 2016 and 2017 in L.A. ...I'm living up north now, but wondering if L.A. Veg fest will coincide with either my Spring Break, or happen after the end of classes.

Really worth it if you are into trying vegan foods, vegan products, vegan beers, etc. ...there are some expensive booths, but in 2017 they offered free yoga classes all day long in one corner of the festival, and kombucha on tap is very affordable. There are also panels and interactions with popular YouTube personalities, vegan doctors, and live music to be enjoyed by all...not for people who don't want to wait in lines, though, so come prepared to chill the eff out. Every year I see reviews of people whining about the lines, like golly gee oh no, there's tons of interest in veganism in L.A. what a bummer!

I also got turned on to using bamboo tooth brushes at the 2017 Veg fest. They're better for the environment as they're biodegradable.