Vegan energy suppliers


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Jul 19, 2017
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Thought I'd start this thread to add my experiences of trying to find a vegan energy supplier particularly in using vegan gas rather than bio-gas.

I live in London and was recently looking at switching energy suppliers so I emailed a few of them. Here are various responses.

They do not use vegan gas. There is an interesting thread on the bulb forum regarding this​

They advertise that they supply fully vegan energy​

Green Star Energy
Thank you for contacting Green Star Energy, we appreciate your patience at this busy time.
Regarding your email sent 16/06/16, unfortunately we do not supply vegan gas. Our Green Saver tariff offers electricity which comes from 100% renewable sources within the U.K.

Thank you for your email and interest in switching to LoCO2 Energy.
At present the gas we purchase is from vegan sources, going forward though this is something we cannot guarantee.
If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

M&S Energy
No response​

Thanks for getting in touch. Our tariffs don’t currently include any Biogas. Our green electricity is 100% solar, and we use gas from natural deposits. On our green tariff, carbon emissions from gas are offset through planting new trees in the UK, Kenya and preventing deforestation in the Amazon basin. That said, it’s possible our fuel mix will change in the future - if we do include Biogas energy (electricity or gas) in our mix, we will inform our customers via our website, and include information about it’s origins. Hope that helps!

I went with Octopus in the end (their green tariff) but will swap if they do start to use non-vegan gas.

Hope this helps someone and it would be interesting if anyone can add others I've obviously missed and add their experences.