Vegan Diet Research Survey


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Jun 3, 2012
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I am a research student and I am holding an anonymous survey to gather data for some research on the vegan diet. I would really appreciate it if you would answer this survey. Thank you. The Impact a Diet has on Overall Health
A vegans diet is only about avoiding animal products--saying you're vegan is much the same as saying you're an omnivore,it isn't saying WHAT you eat, only catagories of food

You should make a distinction between whole food plant based diets, which shun processed foods, or those with oils and sugar, plant based-which is a more moderate wfpb, and vegan that includes processed foods (of course many vegans eat wfpb)

You can eat a vegan diet thats Beyond Burgers, fries, pop, cookies, cakes, all manner of junk foods, and have the same health as an omnivore who simple watches what they eat.
On the flip side, you can be a vegan that follows a wfpb diet, and has a tremendously positive affect on health.

Not all the documentaries about plant based health- they pretty much exclude using the term "vegan diet", as the good results come from whole plant foods
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