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Apr 14, 2019
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I have been vegan for over a decade and enjoy sourcing vegan cosmetics. I used to use the darkest eyebrow pencil by urban decay which was a dark brown/ black colour. I am trying to source something similar that is cruelty free as well as vegan as urban decay are technically no longer cruelty free since they now sell their products in China which require animal testing by law. I have been trying to find something that dark that is cf and vegan but am struggling, so any suggestions would be helpful. I found one by Anastasia Beverley hill which was vegan but they currently do not appear to be cruelty free as they also sell in China. I am also trying to find something that I could buy in uk without shipping and tax costs, but any suggestions are of help. Thankyou.
You can use PHB Ethical beauty or Lush, or Divina organics. They are really cruelty-free.
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Don't know much about this topic but it just so happens I watched the movie Fighting With My Family and after googling the real life person who the movie is based on discovered that she has a cruelty free make up company. Right now it seems like its mostly lipstick. but keep an eye on it. Saraya aka Paige wears dark eyeliner like .....