Urban or rural?


Apr 24, 2015
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Where do you want to live in someday? Do you want to live in the urban or rural area? I currently live in the urban area right now because of my schooling, but I definitely prefer living in the rural area because the cost of living is low and you can be away with the noisy environment.
If we were talking about my ideal, without having to worry about money, I think I'd like to live rural. Probably not in a super, super tiny town - because I still like my access to amenities to be good. However I really feel like I'm more relaxed and calm when I'm somewhere that I can connect with nature, so that's a big consideration for me. Plus I don't like super cramped living spaces (I've lived in city apartments before -- so noisy, and everyone above and below seemed to make a ruckus at all hours!) so I just think the idea of having a nice amount of land, growing fruit/veggies/herbs and stuff like that would be lovely.
I do live rurally and have done most of my life.
Yes, the wildlife and the nature are fantastic.
Yes, I can have the garden I want and grown what I want.
Yes, I have nature at my doorstep and it can be a very noisy doorstep at times! (But I would not give it up.)

What I don't have is reliable electricity, every storm or gale we will loose it. Sometimes only for a few minutes, occasionally for a few hours, be we are always the last to be reconnected.
I do not have reliable or fast internet. It is just not a feature of modern society to concentrate on rural needs. I am quite lucky where I live currently, I can get 5mbs internet access on standard BB. Fibre or cable does not exist - forget streaming media, forget watching HD films inline. Even SD can struggle and your best option is to download and then watch. Satellite I have not tried but it is getting better from what I have heard.
I also do not have mains water, or main sewage. I don't have mains gas - so forget gas central heating. None of these bother me because I am used to it and have lived this way most of my life. Coupled with intermittent electricity and you soon learn to be independent. Few townies or city folk last long, or if they do, they don't stop complaining! Mind you their complaining is what gets some improvements for us!

Access to amenities such as Doctors and chemists, hospitals and the likes can vary. One place I lived in (which I would happily return to tomorrow if I had the chance) the nearest doctor was over 2 hours drive away, as were the supermarket, other shops, chemist and minor hospital. Anything more than a few stitches needed and you would have to travel another hour up the motorway to the major A&E unit. I have lived even more rurally than that. You learn to be independent, you learn that rural communities don't count to anyone except those who live there. You learn that a shopping trip is a half day "event" and you only do it once a month. Forget home delivery, forget amazon delivery, etc. if they can actually find your home (and most of the time that is a negative) they charge a premium for delivering there, such is the premium, that you may as well have driven to the closest town/city and purchased whatever at full price. It would have been cheaper!

But I would not trade it for living even in a village! I love it too much.