Two Documentaries on Point Reyes

Forest Nymph

Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
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I've been posting a lot for the past year or so about the ecological impact of animal agriculture, and particularly the multi-level effects of cattle ranching which have been repeatedly proven for like the past decade to be unsustainable no matter how many times the USDA tries to save the beef or dairy industry. Some people take issue with this, saying focusing on cattle kills more chickens or fish, or they are some kind of desperate humanist who wants to "work with" the ranchers like it's 1992, but those aren't viable options to me with my level of education. If we do not reduce (and ideally stop most) cattle ranching, especially in particular places like the West coast of the United States and the Amazon rain forests, there's not going to be chicken or fish left to save. Do you get my point? We have to deal with the big picture issue FIRST. Yes, I hate that chickens are treated badly. I hate that seas are over fished. Images of industrial fishing and any capture of cephalopods fills me with rage. I saw a dead crab posed "humorously" with a cigarette on a hiking trail a couple of weeks ago and it made it upset. But all that aside, that's secondary. That can only be prioritized when we stop that yawning horror that is cattle ranching. People who are talking about "grass fed" are literally giving you green washing talking points of propaganda. I wrote an entire prospectus about cowboy culture in the United States and fictitious attachments to the Wild West that never was, this is what I do. People constantly disrespect it. Because I'm female? Because it's not what they want to hear? Because it's not subsidized by the USDA? So now I give you men and people with greater labels than mine telling you point blank, piece by piece, how this is wrong.

Take action for CA elk: For Elk .ORG

In the county I personally live, parts of the Southern rural region are just as overrun by cattle as Point Reyes, which was the focus of my prospectus. Except that the elk in that region are ALREADY geographically extinct...and the Mattole tribe of Indigenous folks have also been long eradicated by the cattle ranchers.