Turok(videogame adaptation): Hero, or Monster?


Jun 2, 2012
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So I know that everyone and their mother praised Turok: Dinosaur Hunter back in 1997. They said the game is highly derivative, yet an amazing this or that. I don't care about that. I, in contrast, would like to raise the question: is the mass amount of bloodshed throughout the ages he was solely responsible, truly ethical? furthermore, I feel that the Campaigner was painted negatively, and did not get a fair shot at arguing his/its point of view. Do we truly know that the Campaigner wanted to rule the universe, or was it all just more propaganda from Turok's allies and PR reps?

At the VERY least, I would argue that Turok is just as much of a monster as his camp would have us believe the Campaigner is, and as such, is not fit to decide whether or not to police the Earth and probably not the Lost Land either. If we allow him to just go around and kill everything in sight that he deems threatening, it will undoubtedly have catastrophic consequences for our time line!

We need to empower ourselves and form a TRUE Earth/Lost Land policing force instead of just standing around and letting this vigilante and his allies run around all willy-nilly!

Thank you for listening and vote YES on proposition 209.
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