Sep 2, 2015
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Hey! I'm transitioning and I think it is hard to know what I can eat and not. Is sugar an animal product? Does anyone know if the naked juice is vegan? And what kind of bread and peanut butter is a good solution for vegans? Mostly shop at target or walmart. I would happily take recommendations on what I can buy on walmart/target that you like to buy:)
Considering this is a website, I think you'll find that most users are UK-based and cannot provide you with advice about walmart.

To the point of sugar, however, there are some refineries that use bone char to process sugar cane. That, of course, would make the sugar unsuitable so always check the packet (there are companies that refine the sugar without animal products too). Tate & Lyle are quite good at labelling their sugar products.

And some breads have added milk, honey, etc..
If in doubt always read the label.