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Jul 30, 2017
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So I am being encouraged by friends and neighbors to market my new tofu jerky product. I must admit, it is pretty darn tasty!

I had been working at a seitan jerky recipe, recently, but found tofu works way better for what I was trying to achieve. Anyhow, I have ironed out an amazing recipe for tofu jerky.

So...we were trying to think of clever names for the product, but nothing really struck me as catchy, which is why I am turning to my beloved vegan forum community. Unfortunately, the only prize will be the prestige in having your name selected and hopefully, immortalized, in business history.

I would love to use something like "The Original To-Ferky Jerky", but fear lawsuits and repercussions from the company "Tofurkey" for having such a close resemblance to their name. So I'm looking for a more original name, but something really catchy. I would like the word 'The Original' in the name, to avoid copycats brands.

Anyhow, all suggestions appreciated.

Oh, and if anyone has a suggestion on what sort of price I should charge for a pound or per 100 grams would be nice? Vegan specialty items seem to fetch top dollar in my experience. I'm not greedy, but it is labour intensive to make. I was thinking about $30-40 per pound. It might sound expensive, but this stuff dehydrates a lot. So I lose a lot of weight in the dehydration process. The brine is also not cheap to make, and there's the labour aspect. It takes a lot of care and diligence. The entire process takes about 4-5 hours. With two smokers I can produce about 3 lbs each time at the most.

The flavour is maple chipotle, but so far everyone that tastes it says it's like bacon. It would have a similar flavour to bacon because of the maple syrup and real smoke. You have to remember that tofu basically tastes like whatever you flavour it with. So this flavour is much like if you made vegan bacon. I use similar flavours in my brine. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. My last batch wasn't nearly as good. So now I have refined the recipe and process.
Original Smoky To-Facon Jerky

Smoky Maple FBacon Jerky ( the B would have a very thin slash thru it, can't do it here)

It's Original
Smoky Vegan Bacon
and It's Jerky

It's VOS Bacon Jerky (VOS = Vegan Original Smoky)

Smoky TofJerky Bacon or Smoky Tof-Jerky Bacon or Smoky Tof-Bacon Jerky

The Original TofJerky Bacon

That's all that's in my brain for now. :)

Emma JC
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I like the names, thank you, and I really appreciate your effort.

I wish I could give you a taste. It's so tasty! I'm really excited, because even I like it. I just mean I'm not usually crazy about tofu, but now I am. lol

Thanks again!
I have another batch going in the smoker today. I'm just in the process of wringing out the thawed tofu. I'm amazed at how much water comes out of it, after the fact.

If you've never tried freezing tofu, this is a must to try. It completely changes the texture of the tofu. It makes it incredibly porous. It almost turns into a sponge-like texture, which makes it so nice for soaking up whatever flavour you wish to infuse it with. Even the cooked texture is unlike that of regular 'never been frozen before' tofu.

I really didn't expect the carnists to be on my side, but so far everyone just loves it. Even a few diehard tofu hater's liked it, which didn't really surprise me a lot, since I'm kinda with them on that. I've never been crazy about tofu...that's until now. I love this stuff as much as anyone. It's friggin' tasty!

By the way, there is nothing I would enjoy more than sharing my new product with everyone. I love getting the feedback, and so far it's been amazing. I do appreciate your feedback here too, thank you. I just wish I could give you some to try ;)

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