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Online accounts (giving service vvhile getting to clean up vvithout storing text personally, having boycott phones):

Protonmail - getting rid of one I no longer use. Hasslesome to even look at the emails sent though, so much crap I have to read that is like poison draining sobriety ability.
4x 12 step oriented accounts (at least 2 others that got banned, not even for fair or right reason)
1x unable to access and another started --this place needs support, they are so dull, the feeling so sad and like dovvn. Much focus on "health".
1x Vvordpress blog
2x blogs I deleted my ability to access intentionally. (to hinder discrediting and affect on such).
Paypal account (need for online shopping though have been unable to use this; having laid of credit/debit cards as inspired. Not regretting, though inability to shop online I do need).

Facebook, need to upload videos to youtube, pondering instagram magically a little earlier today.

-- Need to film going to psychiatric place in hazmat suit. Its just a need. Footage vvill be affected by the eye of the observer though.
Must be something about vvhat rabbits can do and humans cannot. Cause that looks not like a rabbit, unless perceiving the inability of being like one vvhen holding hands and feet like such.

-- I have issues not talking vvith others about the things I do and hovv hard it is etc.; its complex, there is a lot and it may cause responses that vvould cause me greater damage than not. At times. And I lost trust in civilization, 2016. Not because of Trump, by the vvay - though at the exact same time. I sense a manipulation that is pretty bad here.


DBA account (used items) - not needing.
Possibly coinbase account.
Vegan outreach.
Possibly GitHub.
I may currently be being attempted locked out of protonmail account by "having had 2 protonmail accounts and vvritten the one I use novv in the "In case vve need to contact you". Not so good hiding tracks style though. Combined vvith inspired anger that could trigger inaccess, hereunder to all the accounts tied to the mailaccount. Some manipulation going on, motivation, getting inspired by a source that needs to take distance and that I am not interested in contact vvith; rather attachive, like guy that cannot respect a no.
Skype account.
(Getting to end relation vvith a peer blocking this. One I magically had to even contemplate if also ending relations vvith, despite having done so vvith his tvvin brother. )

Attempted creation of a blocking ..
here it gets attempted pointed on hovv its all because I have a suppressed side that does not vvant to say goodbye to anyone or anything despite knovving it to be harmful, also realizing that relations fundamentally exist to all beings and there alvvays vvill exist a relation to some extent (hereunder for Americans to people in Europe etc. from generations ago, still bonds exist).
.. of getting to succeed at boycott of phones, as a fairphone likely is incoming. Already a victory to have achieved this point.
-- I have no vvay to start a facebook account and blocked by dishonesty in using old pictures, as it frankly is. I have no access to a camera.
had/have - something like that. So very visible that I do. I could just buy a digital camera right? And vvhere to find an SD card, used? And then an SD card reader since only having access to public library computers, right?
Things like that, so very visible.
another 12 step account. Disliked by gaming community.

I mean not disliked; demotivated at least through.
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