Tips on making a vegan hibachi restaurant dinner at home?

Not today seitan

Oct 2, 2017
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Hi all! I'm a freshman in college this year, and for fall break I'll be spending my 4 days off with my girlfriend who is a vegan of 4 years. As we were talking on what to eat while we're on our own, I was shocked to find out she'd never been to a hibachi grill of any kind before she transitioned since they're so popular around me. I want to make a really nice hibachi esque dinner for her, but don't know where to start since I'm transitioning at the moment and know VERY little about making vegan meals. I was just thinking something in the vain of
-Grilled chicken, steak bits, fried rice with eggs, and "yum yum" sauce. I know this was a long post but it'd be so so appreciated if anyone had tips on how to make a vegan yum yum sauce or what brands of "chicken" and "steak" taste the best!