This is what happened to me

I saw this somewhere...probably on Facebook. I love it!! I like to say that I aspire to be a crazy cat lady some day...I have the crazy part down, now all I need are more cats! :D
That hasn't happened to me yet, but I feel like with the assortment of rescues that we have now - that I got other peoples throw-aways or was re-gifted from multiple starter kits.
The perfect gift to go with the starter kit...

It's the coolest thing ever, isn't it?!

Annia, it's not in production yet - those are photos of a prototype. I really want to copy the idea - my cats would love it.
I LOVE this stuff!! I saw the "crazy cat lady" on FB. One of my co-workers is like me.... we love cats and always post pictures we find!
I have 5 cats ... is that enough?