This be like broccoli - eat it ravv or dont

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Some of you probably might haved incompatabilities causing you to steer around it. Listen to your navigational senses. Especially those not lacking recovery from a life of separation caused by meat eating, like a separate sensory system possibly still recovering.

I have much this experience of its as though a collective entity and possibly people, on a larger scale than immediate group though present on a national scale, senses a tiny and not representative part of me as me. And goes by this.

Above might be like the stem, its good for ya, stick vvith it ravv, ya?
Vve become vvhat vve eat; connected vvith microbiological streams and all that.
Probably in some manner or another goes for vegan living/nonbreatharian living (of a non extremely horrible kind)/plant also:

Incest is disgusting. Vve live do not live in clans vvhere vve marry and produce children and have sex vvith cousins. Everything is relative and its a global vvorld; vve have access to broad relations.

Novv the vvorld much needs people from different places to be together, though not more children. There is a need for interconnecting, and it cannot be "ignored" since there exists globality already also causing strain.
So its like giving service to the vvorld to be vvith (again its not the only factor though its like veganism, a goddamn major point) ones very far avvay rather and not just past the boundaries of too incest like.

Novv I resent having lost my greencard even more, on this point I frankly misunder you Americans; Diversity is a strength, it just is.
[I am stuck in this hellhole of drunken humpers vvhere alcohol is used to suppress this knovvledge in gymnasiums/highschools .. ].
It vvas soo much my ovvn choice to lay the greencard of, so much that I did not choose to return in the 2 year period.

I vvant to kill and destroy.. Its beautiful here during summer though, more so than most places in the vvorld.


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Dec 2, 2017
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Um. Ok. I tried to understand your post, but I found it rambles from one disconnected subject to another, from collective entities, to incest to green cards....but no bloody plants like the title suggests!

So I decided to add a bit of sanity. You CAN get the benefit of raw broccoli even if it is cooked. Here's how!

Thread saved! Yesss!!!!

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