They can't sell us stuff

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Nov 18, 2017
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I think the ultimate power in being vegan is how un-sellable we are. I mean Tofurky or Kite Hill has a small market but we aren't exactly an awesome target in general as people. My vegan roommate and I collect bulk bin items like lentils, rice and olive oil, make our own bathing products outside of castile soap, we wash our faces in things like coconut oil and use baking soda as deodorant, we're really a hard sell.

I'm super proud of that. As hard as I've pushed capitalism to sponsor vegan options at Taco Bell or Dominos, or enjoy my holiday Tofurky roast, I really like this edge we have. I told my professor one day I wouldn't even buy a car unless it was electric, I visibly watched her bristle. I love being vegan. It's the ultimate **** you to capitalism, it is the best thing ever, and count yourselves amazing every day you don't buy WHATEVER.
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Can't sell me anything, LOL. I do much of the same - use coconut oil to wash my face, don't even use deodorant (don't feel the need to), shop in the produce department almost exclusively, don't eat at restaurants (even if they're vegan, they still use a lot of oil, which I avoid), don't drink coffee, don't drink alcohol... I even make my own clothes. For a while I even made my own tooth powder, but I did give that up for a toothpaste I found with B12. I literally have 3 products in my shower, unlike most women (or so I've been told). Last year I fasted for 4 days over Thanksgiving, so you can't even sell me a Tofurkey (they don't sit with me well anyway). I'm good with my veggies and water or tea, lol ;)
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