The Omnivores are Coming!


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Jun 4, 2012
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My super meat loving family will be coming tomorrow to stay for a few days. Last summer, I cooked up some good vegan grub and they were quite impressed (although one had to let me know that, while she enjoyed trying new things, she "still liked her meat"). So far I've planned on serving:

Two kinds of tamales; sweet corn and green chile, soyrizo,potato and black bean,
cilantro lime rice, boracho beans, fresh red and green salsa,guacamole, and churros.

Pizza bread (scored and stuffed with fresh garlic, lots of vegan marg,green onion and Daiya mozzarella),homemade marinara and olive oil with Italian herbs for dipping . Layered pasta salad and banana split bites.

Breakfast so far- Biscuits and tomato gravy, hash browns.
Southwest breakfast hash with tortillas and refried beans.
Breakfast bakes (tortillas baked in muffin tins and filled with potato,bell pepper,green onion,veg sausage and cheese) .
Chocolate chip muffins and a fruit platter.

I am considering whipping up a batch of chickpea "tuna" salad to have on hand for a quick lunch and maybe veggie burgers with garlicky oven fries. Also bought a huge watermelon and made sweet tea and strawberry limeade.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Silly, I know, but there's always this pressure to "prove" how delicious vegan food can be when the omnivores come to stay.Kinda makes it a bit unnerving.

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Jun 2, 2012
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That looks like an amazing menu! :chef: If they were heading to my house I'd probably give them medium rare chicken nuggets with sun brewed ranch dip. :devil:
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Jun 1, 2012
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I will bring take-out boxes and you can give me whatever they don't eat.
I'm betting, though, that they'll love all of it!
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