The Everything Animal Thread

Here are some good quality animal channels and videos:

Mr. Max T.V.


Helpful Vancouver Vet


Think Like a Horse

Listen To Your Horse

Our Horses

Capybara World

Jackson Galaxy

Gary Yourofsky has some epic animal sanctuary footage.

More from Yourofsky:

Love Nature

Animal Fact Files


Parrot Paradise

The Dodo

Georgia Aquarium

Bird Tricks


Flat Bush Cats


Peter Pan


More sanctuary videos:

Warning! The Earthling Ed video shows also some slaughterhouse footage, for contrast...

Fun facts about animals:

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This video shows a man crossing paths with a wild Canada goose that appears to be lost. It looks like this particular goose trusted the man enough to follow the car he was driving so that the man could lead it to a nearby lake, a place where the bird would certainly prefer to hang out, I would think. Check out:
That goose reminded of two things.
The first is one of my favorite documentaries. Winged Migration. It's an amazing documentary. The filming required over 400 people and took over 4 years. It's just beautiful. You can probably get it at the public library. Check out the "making of" section.

Fly Away Home is a very good movie, I'd like to see it again soon, as well. I'll check if I'd find Winged Migration from somewhere, it seems interesting. Thanks Lou. :)
Well, I went and rewatched Fly Away Home.
It was great. Five Stars. And as usual, I went and checked out the IMDB and Wikipedia articles.

Hopefully Attenborough lives forever. He is an irreplaceable gift to this planet.

Could not view the video. Probably one of those International thingies.

But this is my favorite David Attenborough moment.
From 1:40 to 2:20. Could not find it any stand-alone moment. but obviously it a lot of other people's favorite moment.

I actually had both cable and a VCR when this came out and recorded and watched every episode. But it was so many hours I ended up recording over the old ones to record the new ones. Probably a good move on my part back then cause now you can just take the DVDs out of the library or watch it online or get one of the new shows.

Crows learn to use tools through play, kinda like humans, chimpanzees and dogs, for example. But they also play just for fun.
I found this article if you are interested:

Here are some videos :)

Lesley says in one of her videos that crows and ravens actually aren't black, when sun shines on their feathers, those glow with shades of purple, green and blue. That's right... I have a bird colouring book (Birdtopia, A Colouring Book by Daisy Fletcher) and as I was searching for refereces, while colouring the Corvus Corax, I was amazed how colourful the bird is in closer look.
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How bugs put food on the table.

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The other day my son and I watched a documentary on Amazon about hummingbirds. I think it is simply called "Hummingbirds" and it is narrated by David Attenborough. It was really interesting, and inspired me to get some more flowering hanging baskets to make sure the hummingbirds that visit our property have plenty of food.
My sister has a hummingbird feeder right outside her kitchen window. but she also got an oriole feeder. (they like oranges and jelly).

I like watching them a lot too.

It's so sad to see these manta ray swimming through plastic refuse off the coast of Indonesia.

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