The Coffee House-Come & Chat With Us!(February 2020)

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It seems like every year we have a little summer weather in the winter. Yesterday temps were in the low 70s. And all last week and next week its hovering in the high 60s
Superbowl weather report. Sunny and in the 60s. perfect football weather
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It seems like every year we have a little summer weather in the winter. Yesterday temps were in the low 70s. And all last week and next week its hovering in the high 60s
It's been very mild here as well. I've been contemplating putting out my early garden seeds in a couple of weeks and gambling on our not having another cold snap. I'd love some fresh radish and kale in March.
Happy February and Happy Leap Year! 🐰🦘

My semester keeps getting better. I got an environmental ed internship that pays me a stipend at the end of the semester, which helps with summer finances and gives me degree-related experience to put on my resume. Between the museum internship, my environmental ed volunteer work I'll do through my Environment and Religion class, and the Buddhist retreat I'm going on in May, I feel like this last semester is preparing me so much more for my future as a person (and hopefully in a career) than any that came before.

I think part of the problem with getting my Bachelor's is that I didn't feel ready for anything yet, so then to grad school I went. Last semester was hell, but it's ended up indirectly providing me with invaluable experiences that I apparently needed. There's a concept in Eastern Philosophy called Synchronicity (yes, like the Police album) which attempts to explain coincidence, apparent psychic connections to other people, and reaching points in our paths in life that feel "meant to be." I think I'm experiencing synchronicity somehow right when I need it, after enduring dark or confusing times. Life is suffering, hee hee, ha ha.
Wow, that is very warm Shyvas! That's a lovely temp for a walk :)

Yes, it's perfect. I like to leave food for the animals when I go for a walk. They must be starving as the gobble it all up. :)

I was also meant to have met a friend ( in another place that is 20 mins away) for a walk but didn't have any petrol. So we'll go sometime next week.
We're going to be in the low 70s F today. Crazy for early February. But great temps for a walk here too - and I will.

I am going to try my very best to avoid the political drama that is happening this week in the US. I'm reading, walking , painting - and keeping my fingers crossed that I can avoid the temptation of the TV and get sucked in. Lol.
It's going to be unusually warm here today as well (high around 49!), and a walk will definitely be in order. I'm also going to do my best to avoid today's political proceedings. I need a break from all the aggravation it causes me. :D
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I've been sick with a cold since Thursday-ish, so I'm slowly recovering from that. Home from work again today and hopefully will be well enough tomorrow!

The spacebar on my laptop's keyboard hasn't worked properly for several months now. Sometimes it won't make a space and sometimes it'll make 2 spaces. Sometimes, it will work just to throw me off! I keep having to go back and fix spacing. It takes me so long to type anything. I'm glad I have another laptop for work!!

I tried to fix it many times and nothing works. So, yesterday I ordered a replacement from Best Buy.
I am very sorry and apologize for any stupid behavior last weekend. I was drunk and perhaps running a fever (I haven't felt well and have respiratory disease around me). I am ashamed of some of my posts on this forum, and move towards forgetting rather than reviewing. Thank you if you understand. I was myself, but a crueler and less canny version.

Meanwhile, I'm now very upset about Trump being acquitted though this personally is a beautiful day, and am once again considering leaving the country to teach English, I feel both privileged and abashed. Should I go to Korea? Should I go to a part of China not infected by disease (btw I'm touched by their sacrifice)?

Lauren from the Marriott International is praising my CV. I think my mom called her. She always thought the Marriott was a good job, How sad to grow up in a generation to be ungrateful to what your parents told you was a good job. What a wholly strange time to be alive.
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