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Jun 5, 2012
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Every little helps towards ending animal cruelty worldwide.

''Dogs, cats, bears, elephants, marine wildlife. The tiniest creatures to the world’s giants.
The problem seems insurmountable.

As an animal lover, what can you do? Signing a petition, adopting a rescue animal, donating money to an animal sanctuary: these efforts can seem tiny when compared to the sheer vastness of the issue.

Sure, by rescuing a dog rather than buying a puppy, you’ve saved one adult dog from being killed in an overgrown shelter. You’ve given her a cozy, warm, protected home to live out her final years. You’ve shown her love and peace and safety after a life of cruelty and neglect.

But what about the billions of other animals in the world that need your help too?

You are just one person, and you can only do what you can do. At first, this sentiment may feel disempowering, but its intent is quite the opposite. You are one person, and you have done as much as you can do with what you have.
If everyone in the world followed in your footsteps, global animal cruelty issues would no longer exist.''

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