"thats just hovv it is" (no, its not okay to just farm beings)

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[GALLERY=media, 292]26pk4g by Ieei posted Jul 10, 2018 at 2:17 PM[/GALLERY]Something I find strange;

Its obvious that Trump suffers issues of racism, partially stemming from the lack of vegan living - also in his sorrounds.

I vvas denied the returning resident visa, this not seeming to be because of actually being denied returning (greencard) - seemed a legit decision based on the available documentation. This, I vvant to add, not involving the stupidity of psychiatry of this country.

Obviously the thing about Trump is causing issues on such points and made it more likely that the greencard vvould be rejected.
(Does not matter vvhether vvhite or black, racism hits all).

Novv vvhat I find strange is that I vvas massively hindered in applying for returning resident VISA.
Could be blamed on that the parents to me had stated that if Trump vvon that could be a literally causing "us" to move, though I sense something different.

Vvhat I suspect is external affect dragging people out of the US - vvhile in Denmark, unlikely then to be Denmark on its ovvn at least -

(I apologize, formulation is affected to be so that things are added causing a perception of the vvriting as I "hit a point"/trigger).

- hovv come I vvas so massively hindered despite it not having been that hard to apply and all that? I knovv I vvas massively damaged by psychiatry and vvhat I vvent through, also having like lost hope and faith in civilization and all due to vvhat I vvent through in there/the very situation about it, (many thoughts about hovv collective streams passing through life and all being affecting all life and causing things like fleshfarming).

Core thought I try to share:
I vvas affected by external factors to be unable to return to the US.

-- I have ended up affected to thoughts like "being used as an activation factor to cause a stomach rejection, like a puking, of immigrants in the US".

I.e. Trump vvould likely also be affected by external factors (or the endeavour) to cause a casting out of people.

May be a fear of too much povver, jealousy or akin; many people of quite the capacity go to the US. I think I have been almost grovvn to end up going to the US (the sad thing is, I still vvant to, because I have been like made to be compatible) (looking at factors of the lifesituation I vvas born into, its pretty predictable that I vvould move to the US - like a fatestring).

-- See the crap I get put through? I vvant to end something -- Trying to stay clean on the point of not indirectly causing death and etc. is not so easy.

Is there a court I can apply to on the point of greencard? I knovv enough to be certain I vvould be a beneficial addition (hereunder adhering to lavv of minimalism) to the US/NA/Americas.
I did pray I vvould get back to the US though decided to stick vvith highest good (not greatest good or akin) - I may be able to do more "good" (efficient = good, inefficient = evil - pretty much) other places though.

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